Dienstag, 13. Oktober 2015

Livin‘ it up in London- The 8AB London trip 2015

From the 20th of September to the 27th, a number of BORG BA students from the 8th classes were in Ealing, in London, on their Intensive Language Week. 

The families with whom the students stayed were lovely and hospitable, ensuring that each individual enjoyed their week in London- as a couple of HostFamilySelfies# show.  With regard to the language classes, the students were of a divided opinion; aside from one teacher who was “sooo cute”….!

Despite a wet Monday (which involved a hilarious “photo challenge” while it was raining cats and dogs), the rest of the week was clear and the students could even top up their vitamin D on Saturday during a day trip to the seaside in Brighton. Among other activities, they went on a bus tour, visited markets, enjoyed a Jack the Ripper tour, saw the Dungeons or the Harry Potter Studios, went to musicals and the Victoria and Albert Museum for the London design Festival and saw the countless sights London has to offer. 

After an action-packed seven days, the students were glad to be back in Bad Aussee- although they all said they wished they could have stayed an extra week (though financially-we’re not certain parents would’ve agreed!). In spite of acute exhaustion, 99.9% of the 8th classes dragged themselves out of their warm beds into school the next morning, showered and fresh-faced, which impressed everyone, parents and teachers alike! 

Both of the accompanying  teachers, Ashley J. M. Townsend and Katharina Hilbrand, had a blast with the group, all of whom were ready for anything and eager to try new things.
                          A HUGE thank you to all those who took part- shame we can’t go every year with you!

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