Donnerstag, 15. September 2016

Cambridge English- Success is in the air!

In June 2016, 19 members of the 7th classes and 5 from the 8th classes headed out to Salzburg to sit the well-known English exam, First Certificate in English (FCE). A couple of nail-biting weeks later, the results were in... every single BORG pupil who took the exam passed!!

Congratulations to the following pupils (featured in the photo) who are now in the 8th classes -
    top row: Anna Kammerer, Lisa Köberl, Piotr Romanczuk, Anton Dreyer, Lukas Hayböck, Daniel  Feichtinger, Roland Feldhammer, Shaja Dalipovic.
   bottom row: Marie-Victoria Wutscher, Viktoria Gessl, Rose Hengl, Mary Pointinger, Evi Schartel, Theresa Stiegler, Vanessa Schläger, David Josipovic, Jan Holecek.
(Not in picture- Raymi Hirschwehr and Daniel Helberg (former 7th class), Franziska Berton, Lisa-Marie Höber, Clemens Egger, Benedikt Berger, Sebastian Dämon - all of whom graduated from BORG this year.)

 Esther Zitterl, who graduated in the year 2015, also sat the highest level of exam offered by Cambridge- English: Proficiency- and passed with flying colours. Miss Zitterl sat the exams FCE and CAE (Cambridge Advanced English) while studying at BORG and aced them all.

The exam consists of 4 parts- Reading and Language in Use, Listening, Writing and also a Speaking part, in which candidates are in pairs. It uses many testing methods which can now be seen in the "Zentral-Matura" in Austria and is also a great way to brush up your exam skills before tackling the Matura itself. Students are shown their results in FCE as B1, B2 or C1 (Common European Framework of Reference of Languages) and can see strengths alongside possible weaknesses- which can be worked on before sitting the English Matura if need be.

A giant WELL DONE to all pupils, past and present, with their success.
Our English IS the yellow from the egg...and it goes.